Join the Colorado Coalition for Restorative Justice Practices and make a difference…

Organizational membership $200 (up to 4 individuals)

Individual membership $75

Student membership $20 (requires student ID)

If you have already filled out your membership application and you do not have any changes, please send dues by:

Check - 1905 15th Street, #7424, Boulder, CO 80302

PayPal -

Credit Card

Receipt available upon request

Benefits of Joining

The information below outlines benefits, both immediate and potential, to becoming a member of Colorado Coalition for Restorative Justice Practices (CCRJP). CCRJP is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization formed to support and promote the use of Restorative Justice Practices (RJP) in the state of Colorado. We provide a community of practice, as well as a collective to advance RJP statewide.

Capacity Building

  • Professional association for RJP programs and practitioners in Colorado
  • Technical assistance, training and mentoring to increase capacity for new restorative justice practitioners and programs, as well as expand initiatives within existing programs
  • Exposure to best practices in order to enhance the quality of services provided, elevating the reputation of RJPs


  • Inclusive and welcoming community for RJP programs and practitioners in Colorado
  • A formal structure for convening that provides access to collective wisdom around implementation and practice of RJP
  • Connection with communities of practice (e.g. schools, judicial, higher ed, etc.) that can provide context-specific application and implementation support
  • Networking opportunities with other programs and practitioners facing similar challenges and triumphs
  • Creation and management of statewide partnerships in order to support RJP within decision-making spheres (e.g. nonprofits, law enforcement, judicial districts, school districts, courts, etc.)


  • Influence on statewide policies that impact RJP
  • Voice for RJP programs and practitioners around the state
  • Support for specific causes and processes within the RJP field
  • Elected representation to the Colorado Restorative Justice Coordinating Council (RJ Council) to influence and inform decision-making
  • Access to electronic and web-based resources that promote the work of CCRJP, share information on RJP best practices, and enable programs and practitioners to connect with the organization, each other, and a broader audience
  • Opportunities to participate in and/or learn from research that contributes to a base of evidence on the effectiveness of RJP

Membership and Dues

In order for CCRJP to accomplish its mission, vision and goals as put forth by the Board of Directors and the Membership, we collect annual membership dues from each member organization and individual. Dues support the work of CCRJP, including networking and training opportunities; travel and food reimbursement for members; creation and maintenance of communities of practice in areas of RJP; outreach and coordination with state governmental bodies, including the RJ Council; and education, advocacy and support for new and thriving RJP practitioners and programs. Benefits of membership are many and are listed on page 1.

To become a member:

  • Complete an application
    • Organizational membership: $200
      • For up to 4 individuals associated with the same organization
      • One vote per organization
      • Register to become an organizational member
    • Individual membership: $75
      • For individuals associated with an organization or independent practitioners
      • One vote per individual member
      • Register to become an individual member
    • Student membership: $20
      • For students (requires active student ID)
      • One vote per student member
      • Register to become a student member
  • Pay Dues
    • Dues are requested in January and cover membership for the calendar year.
    • CCRJP welcomes new members throughout the year. However, dues are not prorated.
    • Payment methods:
      • Make checks payable to Colorado Coalition for Restorative Justice Practices (CCRJP) and send to: CCRJP, 1905 15th Street, #7424, Boulder, CO 80302
      • PayPal (
    • CCRJP recognizes that some individuals and organizations may not be able to pay the full amount of their annual dues. Applicants may explain their financial situation and request assistance on their application.
    • Individuals who would like to support the membership of someone unable to pay can provide a donation through their membership application or by donating through the CCRJP website.
    • For questions about dues, contact CCRJP Treasurer Tamara Sherwood at
  • Attend CCRJP quarterly meetings and/or join a Committee
    • To be a Member in Good Standing, dues must be paid and members must attend 5 hours of meetings or CCRJP-sponsored events in the year prior to the Annual Meeting (typically held in the fall). This requirement can be met through:
      • CCRJP Membership Meetings. These occur quarterly. Dates and times are available on the CCRJP website.
      • CCRJP has 5 standing committees that meet regularly. Members are encouraged to join at least one. Learn more about CCRJP committees and their meeting times.