CCRJP and its members work collaboratively across sectors to develop and strengthen restorative justice practices in Colorado.

CCRJP’s mission guides its vision, while structure and organization enable its effectiveness.

CCRJP and its members build relationships based on principles of respect, inclusivity, openness, curiosity, compassion and humanity.

Within CCRJP and as its representatives, members commit to building, maintaining and repairing relationships restoratively.

CCRJP and its members maintain fidelity to restorative justice best practices as defined by the Colorado Restorative Justice Council’s Code of Conduct and Standards of Training and Practice.

CCRJP is open to and inclusive of all voices and perspectives within CCRJP and of those we serve.


Chair - Deb Witzel - deb.witzel@judicial.state.co.us
Co-Chair – Ames Stenson - stensona8@gmail.com
Secretary - Ericka Welsh - welshea128@gmail.com
Treasurer - Tamara Sherwood - tamara@restorativetransformation.com
RJ Council Representatives - Luke Yoder - luke@restorativeprograms.org
RJ Council Representatives - Denise Lord – dlord@estes.org
Education - Rachel Larsen - rachel.larsen@colorado.edu
Justice - Kimberly Parker - director@fullcirclerj.org
Community - Cynthia Fes - cynthia.fes@gmail.com


Engaging, empowering, elevating, valuing, lifting up, celebrating diversity!

Capacity Building to provide training, technical assistance, quality assurance, mentoring and support to restorative programs and practitioners. Board Contact: Tamara

Outreach to promote and educate the existing RJ community to inspire more people to become involved. Educate and inform legislators about RJ and the needs of the RJ community. Board Contact: Ames

Member Engagement to provide support, maintain connections and collaboration among CCRJP members AND everyone doing this work. Board Contact: Denise

RJ Council Committee to partner with the State RJ Council and informs and influences their decisions. Board Contact: Luke & Denise

Communications Committee to work with the Outreach Committee for promotional materials and communicate with membership. Board Contact: Rachel


Racial Justice and Restorative Justice Conversations. A place for people who care to speak openly and honestly about the intersections of race and restorative justice.

Convening. This online Open Space dialogue creates an opportunity for many RJ practitioners to talk about what is most concerning and relevant throughout the entire Colorado restorative practices communities.

Restorative 1st. We are actively working on legislation which would provide a restorative response as the first option when harms to a person or community and/or crimes are committed.

To Learn More

Contact - deb.witzel@judicial.state.co.us