Colorado Coalition for Restorative Justice Practices

Join us in advancing restorative justice practices in Colorado

Who We Are

What is CCRJP?

Restorative values teach us that relationships are the thread that holds everything together, and building stronger relationships is what CCRJP is all about.

We strive to provide a community for restorative justice practitioners whose work may look different in a lot of ways, but who can find common ground in the values that bring us together. If you are looking for a community of restorative justice folx to support you in your practice, you have come to the right place.

As a statewide membership organization, CCRJP exists to support the common interests of restorative justice practices in Colorado by

Offering Networking Opportunities

Conducting Public Education and Outreach

Promoting Best Practices

Engaging in Capacity-Building: training; technical assistance; governance support; mentoring

Providing representation to the Colorado Restorative Justice, Coordinating Council according, to state statute

*Colorado Coalition for Restorative Justice Practices (CCRJP). CCRJP is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit

Our Values

CCRJP and its members work collaboratively across sectors to develop and strengthen restorative justice
practices in Colorado.

CCRJP and its members build relationships based on principles of respect, inclusivity, openness, curiosity, compassion and humanity.

Within CCRJP and as its representatives, members commit to building, maintaining and repairing relationships restoratively.
For more on our shared agreements, principles and policy, please visit our CCRJP HARM PROCESS GUIDANCE.

CCRJP and its members maintain fidelity to restorative justice best practices as defined by the Colorado Restorative Justice Council’s Code of Conduct and Standards of Training and Practice.

CCRJP is open to and inclusive of all voices and perspectives within CCRJP and of those we serve.

Our Purpose

To connect, inspire, nourish and listen to restorative justice practitioners from across the state of Colorado so that they may be more supported in their advancement of restorative practices.


Cristina Cabeza

Executive Director

Board Of Directors

Ames Stenson


Alicia Garcia


Mary Rhoades


Abby Whipple


Luke Yoder


Denise Lord


Rachel Larsen Fike


Maggie Shomaker


Eric Lee



Funding received from membership dues and donations goes to support and promote restorative justice practices and enable practitioners to help their communities with confidence and focus.