Colorado Coalition for Restorative Justice Practices

Join us in advancing restorative justice practices in Colorado

When Committees Gather

We offer events for our members and the RJ community to help practitioners
and those seeking awareness of restorative justice practices in Colorado.

Standing Committees

Engaging, empowering, elevating, valuing, lifting up, and celebrating diversity!

Capacity Building
To provide training, technical assistance, quality assurance, mentoring and support to restorative programs and practitioners. Board Contact: Ericka Welsh
To promote and educate the existing RJ community to inspire more people to become involved. Educate and inform legislators about RJ and the needs of the RJ community. Board Contact: Alicia
Member Engagement

To provide support, maintain connections and collaboration among CCRJP members AND everyone doing this work. Board Contact: Denise

RJ Council Committee

To partner with the State RJ Council and informs and influences their decisions. Board Contact: Luke & Denise

Communications Committee
To work with the Outreach Committee for promotional materials and communicate with membership. Board Contact: Rachel

Upcoming Events

Q1-Membership Gathering (HYBRID)

Thursday, February 23

9 AM – 12 PM MST

Location: TBA

RJ2 Event: A Virtual Restorative Conversation with Grandmother Strong Oak” RJ2 Event for Wednesday, April 12th

9 AM – 12 PM MST

Q-2 Membership Gathering (HYBRID)

Thursday, May 25th

9 AM – 12 PM MST

Location: TBA

RJ2 HybridTraining Event: Exploring Transformative Justice with Spring Up

Wednesday, June 27th 10am-1pm MST
Online and in person at PorchLight, A Family Justice Center 11100 W 8th Avenue, Suite 200 Lakewood, CO 80215

RJ2 Virtual Training Event

Firearm Harm Reduction with Stick Talk
Friday, September 22nd

3 – 5 PM MST

Policy Listening Circle


Q-3 Membership Meeting (HYBRID)

Thursday, September 28th

9 AM – 12 PM MST

Alamosa Center for Restorative Justice

RJ2 Event: Indigenous People’s
Day/Land Return

Monday, October 9th

9 AM – 12 PM MST

Q4-Membership Meeting/Elections (HYBRID)

Thursday, November 16th

9 AM – 12 PM MST

Location TBA

RJ2 Virtual Training Event:
From Neutral to Invested

Wednesday, December 13th

9 AM – 12 PM MST

Statewide Convening

October 25 & 26 2023

9 AM to 4 PM MST
In Partnership with CCASA
Restorative and Transformative Justice Summit Conference

When do Committees Gather?


Meets on the Second Monday of the month from 10:00 am – 11:00 am (zoom). The Capacity Building Committee is to provide training, mentoring, and support to restorative programs and practitioners.

To join contact Ericka Welsh at:


The Communities of Practice was created to provide support, network, find solutions and share resources. This group is open to those outside of CCRJP s membership and is specific to those involved with restorative practice in schools and criminal justice throughout Colorado.

To sign up and receive the next Zoom link, contact Ericka Welsh at:

CoP Schools group meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month, 10am-11am (zoom)
CoP Criminal Justice group meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM (zoom)
CoP RJ Future group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 10:30 AM – Noon (zoom)


Meets on the first Wednesday of the month 10 am-11 am (zoom). The Communications Committee is responsible for promotional materials, website/social media needs and communication platforms for membership.

To join contact Rachel Larson Fike at:


Meets on the second Tuesday of the month from 10:00am – 11:30am (zoom) The Outreach Committee is to provide education and information to legislators about RJ and the needs of the RJ community. The purpose is to intentionally attract diversity of practice and people in RJP around the state and to educate the existing RJ community to inspire more people to become involved.

To join contact Alicia at:


Meets on the second Thursday of the month 9:30AM-10:30AM (Zoom). The Membership Committee is to support the Outreach Committee to engage new members to have a voice and be active participants in CCRJP. This committee provides support, maintains connections and collaboration amongst CCRJP members and everyone doing this work.

To join contact Denise Lord at: