Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault

CCASA is a statewide leader formed to be the collective voice of rape crisis advocates. The coalition has grown to include sexual assault and gender-based violence survivors as well as many centers, organizations, agencies, programs, and advocates who are taking action to end sexual violence. Through CCASA’s work in offering training, information and referrals, educational materials, statewide systems change, and public policy education and advocacy, restorative justice emerged as a survivor-centered approach to accountability.

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Entering the Restorative Justice Space…Together

CCASA has been a wonderful community presence and force for organizing in the restorative justice space for a few years now, working in collaboration with some of our CCRJP members to create a Community of Practice to discuss and work through tools from restorative justice that can be leveraged to support survivors of sexual- and gender-based violence. CCASA and CCRJP are so thrilled to be more formally in partnership beginning last year with the annual Restorative and Transformative Justice Summit (photo from this past year), with more to come.

“A core value of CCASA is reaching out and working in cross-field collaboration to improve options for survivors across the state, and we are so glad to be working in partnership with CCRJP to improve options, outcomes, and ongoing advocacy and education to reach communities together”, Amelia Gentile-Mathew with CCASA’s Restorative & Transformative Justice Initiatives.

Partnership Goals for 2024

  • Stepping forth as coalition thought-partners and collaborators
  • Building cross-field knowledge & capacity statewide
  • CCRJP member participation in Learning Community, co-host Community of Practice and trainings
  • Plan & Co-Host RJ/TJ Summit September 25th-26th in Denver

Get Involved!

Interested in getting involved?

  • Reach out to Cristina & subscribe to our mailing list to receive more info on upcoming offerings.
  • Become a CCRJP member and participate directly through our Outreach Committee!
  • For those who work in RJP, high impact harm response, harm reduction, advocacy, justice, law, education, especially those who work directly in gender-based and sexual violence, visit CCASA’s website and email Agueda Morgan at to attend CCASA’s RJ/TJ Community of Practice

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