Colorado’s “Empower Victims Through Restorative Justice Access” Bill

CCRJP has been involved with the development of exciting restorative justice legislation introduced in this legislative session. Representatives Javier Mabrey of Denver and Marc Snyder of Colorado Springs, the prime sponsors, have been working with stakeholders, and former Senator Pete Lee to create a statutory right for victim-survivors to participate in restorative justice.
Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault

The bill, entitled “Empower Victims Through Restorative Justice Access” will

  • Create a process to inform victim-survivors about how restorative justice works and how they can participate if they so desire to do so.
  • Expand the types of cases where restorative practices can be used.
  • Recognize that many victim-survivors are deeply harmed and traumatized by crime, and the bill would expand awareness and opportunities for victim-survivors to meet with the responsible party, or a surrogate, to get answers to questions, to tell their story, and to begin healing.
  • Adhere to the principle that restorative justice is always voluntary and is available to victim-survivors who desire to participate.

Bill HB24-1101 was formally introduced on 1/25/24. To see the final draft used to start the Bill process and follow its status and progress, visit the State Legislative website.

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